Meta will label AI-generated content from OpenAI and Google on Facebook, Instagram

Enlarge (credit: Meta / Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Meta announced its plan to start labeling AI-generated images from other companies like OpenAI and Google, as reported by Reuters. The move aims to enhance transparency on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Threads by informing users when the content they see is digitally synthesized media rather than an authentic photo or video.

Coming during a US election year that is expected to be contentious, Meta’s decision is part of a larger effort within the tech industry to establish standards for labeling content created using generative AI models, which are capable of producing fake but realistic audio, images, and video from written prompts. (Even non-AI-generated fake content can potentially confuse social media users, as we covered yesterday.)

Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg made the announcement in a blog post on Meta’s website. “We’re taking this approach through the next year, during which a number of important elections are taking place around the world,” wrote Clegg. “During this time, we expect to learn much more about how people are creating and sharing AI content, what sort of transparency people find most valuable, and how these technologies evolve.”

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