Rhyming AI-powered clock sometimes lies about the time, makes up words

Enlarge / A CAD render of the Poem/1 sitting on a bookshelf. (credit: Matt Webb)

On Tuesday, product developer Matt Webb launched a Kickstarter funding project for a whimsical e-paper clock called the “Poem/1” that tells the current time using AI and rhyming poetry. It’s powered by the ChatGPT API, and Webb says that sometimes ChatGPT will lie about the time or make up words to make the rhymes work.

“Hey so I made a clock. It tells the time with a brand new poem every minute, composed by ChatGPT. It’s sometimes profound, and sometimes weird, and occasionally it fibs about what the actual time is to make a rhyme work,” Webb writes on his Kickstarter page.

The $126 clock is the product of Webb’s Acts Not Facts, which he bills as “a new studio for technology and product invention via exploring and making.” Despite the net-connected service aspect of the clock, Webb says it will not require a subscription to function.

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