New ChatGPT rival, Claude 2, launches for open beta testing

Enlarge (credit: Anthropic)

On Tuesday, Anthropic introduced Claude 2, a large language model (LLM) similar to ChatGPT that can craft code, analyze text, and write compositions. Unlike the original version of Claude launched in March, users can try Claude 2 for free on a new beta website. It’s also available as a commercial API for developers.

Anthropic says that Claude is designed to simulate a conversation with a helpful colleague or personal assistant and that the new version addresses feedback from users of the previous model: “We have heard from our users that Claude is easy to converse with, clearly explains its thinking, is less likely to produce harmful outputs, and has a longer memory.”

Anthropic claims that Claude 2 demonstrates advancements in three key areas: coding, math, and reasoning. “Our latest model scored 76.5% on the multiple choice section of the Bar exam, up from 73.0% with Claude 1.3,” they write. “When compared to college students applying to graduate school, Claude 2 scores above the 90th percentile on the GRE reading and writing exams, and similarly to the median applicant on quantitative reasoning.”

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