Microsoft aims to reduce “tedious” business tasks with new AI tools

Enlarge / An AI-generated illustration of a GPT-powered robot worker. (credit: Ars Technica)

On Monday, Microsoft bundled ChatGPT-style AI technology into its Power Platform developer tool and Dynamics 365, Reuters reports. Affected tools include Power Virtual Agent and AI Builder, both of which have been updated to include GPT large language model (LLM) technology created by OpenAI.

The move follows the trend among tech giants such as Alphabet and Baidu to incorporate generative AI technology into their offerings—and of course, the multi-billion dollar partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft announced in January.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a development tool that allows the creation of apps with minimal coding. Its updated Power Virtual Agent allows businesses to point an AI bot at a company website or knowledge base and then ask it questions, which it calls Conversation Booster. “With the conversation booster feature, you can use the data source that holds your single source of truth across many channels through the chat experience, and the bot responses are filtered and moderated to adhere to Microsoft’s responsible AI principles,” writes Microsoft in a blog post.

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