Biden proposes new “Bill of Rights” to protect Americans from AI harms

Enlarge / The White House, engulfed in pixels. (credit: Getty Images / Benj Edwards)

Today, the White House proposed a “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights,” a set of principles and practices that seek to guide “the design, use, and deployment of automated systems,” with the goal of protecting the rights of Americans in “the age of artificial intelligence,” according to the White House.

The blueprint is a set of non-binding guidelines—or suggestions—providing a “national values statement” and a toolkit to help lawmakers and businesses build the proposed protections into policy and products. The White House crafted the blueprint, it said, after a year-long process that sought input from people across the country “on the issue of algorithmic and data-driven harms and potential remedies.”

The document represents a wide-ranging approach to countering potential harms in artificial intelligence. It touches on concerns about bias in AI systems, AI-based surveillance, unfair health care or insurance decisions, data security—and much more—in the context of American civil liberties, criminal justice, education, and the private sector.

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