With Koe Recast, you can change your voice as easily as your clothing

Enlarge / A colorful waveform dramatically swirls through latent space, seeking kawaii. (credit: Getty Images)

Thanks to a web demo of a new AI tool called Koe Recast, you can transform up to 20 seconds of your voice into different styles, including an anime character, a deep male narrator, an ASMR whisper, and more. It’s an eye-opening preview of a potential commercial product currently undergoing private alpha testing.

Koe Recast emerged recently from a Texas-based developer named Asara Near, who is working independently to develop a desktop app with the aim of allowing people to change their voices in real time through other apps like Zoom and Discord. “My goal is to help people express themselves in any way that makes them happier,” said Near in a brief interview with Ars.

Several demos on the Koe website show altered clips of Mark Zuckerberg talking about augmented reality with a female voice, a deep male narrator voice, and a high-pitched anime voice, all powered by Recast.

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