Ford and chipmaker announce noncommittal “partnership” to alleviate shortages

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In an effort to combat the ongoing global chip shortage, chipmaker GlobalFoundries and the Ford Motor Company have announced a “strategic collaboration” today, both via press release and coverage in The Wall Street Journal. The “non-binding agreement,” according to the release, “opens the door” for GlobalFoundries to deliver more chips to Ford in the short-term, while promising collaboration on future chips for cars.

“These could include semiconductor solutions for ADAS, battery management systems, and in-vehicle networking for an automated, connected, and electrified future,” the release reads. “GF and Ford also will explore expanded semiconductor manufacturing opportunities to support the automotive industry.”

This all sounds promising, though the press release doesn’t actually commit either company to any specific actions. When contacted for information on more particulars, Ford spokesperson Jennifer Flake reiterated that this was “an agreement to work together on the areas called out in the release,” but had no further information to share.

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