President Biden to host infosec roundtable with tech giant CEOs

Enlarge / If there’s any single photo that better encapsulates the state of enterprise information security in 2021, we weren’t able to find it. (credit: Ian Dennis via Getty Images)

Unnamed sources told Bloomberg that the White House will host a meeting between President Joe Biden and some of the country’s largest tech firms on Wednesday afternoon. According to those sources, the CEOs of Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple have confirmed their attendance. Other large companies, including Google, IBM, Southern Company, and JP Morgan, have been invited.

The meeting is intended to address the severe increase in ransomware, online attacks, and data leaks seen this year. Although we don’t know the exact agenda, one senior official familiar with the event said discussions of better supply chain security are likely, and there will probably be a focus on software-driven solutions.

High-profile security breaches Biden and the tech CEOs might discuss include, but are not limited to:

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