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An ever-changing world, bone-crushing pressure and petrifying uncertainty make for a tall, thirst (and dream) quenching glass of decision-making for a student. The delta of choices that opens up when a student looks at college, work, or even breakfast cereal can be overwhelming and often disheartening. You’d be lying if you said that there has never been a time in your life when you wondered if the decisions you made were right for you.

I have, and I found solace in learning that I was not alone. I had Marco. Marco was a zealous kid with big dreams but when it came to college, he wasn’t sure if that path was right for him; whether it was the decision of how he would be able to afford 4 years, make it through the first, and arguably most daunting, day of college; or send out resumes to corporates in the big world.

The Nicest Folks on the Top Floor follows Marco through his journey as an anxiety-ridden freshman at college to landing a job in corporate, leaving no detail to spare.

Straight out of college, Marco is an ill-guided bird looking for ways to enter the corporate world.

Writing a resume and preparing for interviews daunted him as they would any newborn college graduate. Companies receive hundreds of applications and you have about six seconds to convince an employer why you are the best.

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Marco and his friends travel through the process of applying to jobs and ensuring that they stand out. Using tips modified for the modern, internet-using student, they worked on making their LinkedIn account glamorous and leaving a snowy internet presence. They even made sure to dress the part for their interviews and present themselves confidently, even if they weren’t in the moment. Marco also uses skills like tactical bragging and asking the interviewer questions.

After acing interviews and creating an unerring resume, Marco was flush with job offers. While this may seem like a good thing, the pressure of choosing the right one left Marco pale. Knowing what job is the right fit for you and how to make sure that you will excel and grow is one of the many teachings of The Nicest Folks on the Top Floor.

Making the most important career decisions, even correctly, however, comes with a price. More often than not, we neglect our mental wellbeing and health when it comes to decisions that take the spotlight. The fear of letting people down, the feeling of saturation, and the sheer stress of college accompanied Marco and his story.

The Nicest Folks on the Top Floor embraces the bumps along the road and motivates you to pivot them into humanizing lessons and positive growth. Not only do you become a more knowledgeable and prepared employee, but you also become a more empathetic and evolved human.

The pliability of this book and its relevance in the occupational world of today makes it so that it is perfect for students thinking about college, starting it, or even looking for their first jobs.

So, the next time you are stuck in a decision-making swamp, remember that you are not alone… you have Marco.


Written By – Arushi Garg
Editor By – Nanditha Menon

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