Covid on rise, is the Vaccination process right?

No doubt 2020 was quite a hectic and astonishing year for all of us, a lot happened but 2021 seems quite promising. Just 2 months into the year and we have a vaccine ready for dosage. India’s drug regulators have approved Oxford Institute’s Covid vaccine, Covishield which is being developed by Pune based Serum Institute. The government has led down a systematic process through which the vaccine shall be circulated across the country amongst people from different age groups and from different walks of life. Recommendations of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID 19 (NEGVAC) was taken into account. In the first phase of the vaccine drive, the vaccine was given to around one crore healthcare workers. To facilitate such distribution, these workers were further divided into sub categories like frontline, health and integrated child development services workers, nurses and supervisors, medical officers, paramedical staff, support staff and students. After the healthcare workers came the other frontline warriors and municipal workers. Around two crore frontline workers including state and central Police department, armed forces, home guard, disaster management and civil defence organisation, prison staff, municipal workers and revenue officials engaged in COVID-19 containment, surveillance and associated activities were lined up for vaccination. This would also include workers associated with state government and ministries of defence, home, housing and urban affairs.

Once done with the warriors and workers, the drive would move to the common people. First priority is given to the people who are above 60 years as they have low immunity and are more vulnerable. The drive would then step down for the 50-60 agers. Certain areas have been identified as high priority groups by NEGVAC, these are the areas where high prevalence of covid 19 has been observed. These areas are next in line for the drive. One all the above categories of people have been vaccinated; the rest of the population would get a taste of the medicine.

There is no doubt that the procedure has been laid done inclusive of all the details. But the problem arises that all this is on paper and how accurately is it being implemented is the question of our interest. The practical implementation of the vaccine drove has not been so smooth. Firstly, the people were very reluctant to get vaccinated because of the fear of reactions. Though slowly and steadily this fear was overcome as more and more people got vaccinated. At the vaccination centres, shortage of vaccines was observed i.e. there were a lot of instances when the people registered for a certain date to get vaccinated could not really get the vaccine.

Further worsening the situation was the news of rise in Covid cases again. Some people were of the opinion that the vaccine is not effective or that those who are getting vaccinated are serving as carriers for the further spread of the disease.

Attempting to overcome all these shortcomings, the government is still working in full swing to complete the vaccination drive and reach all the people as soon as possible. Also educating people about the effects of getting vaccinated and urging them not to fall prey to any rumours.

Source : NDTV, The Hindu

By: Krati Bhansali

Krati Bhansali is a final year undergraduate student at Mithibai College pursuing bachelor’s of commerce degree alongwith CA. She is interested in theories and practices of accountancy and audit and has been writing for over a year.

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