The Farmers’ Protest?

By~ Kirti Kashyap ‘Taijas’

The three farm bills which became loss on 27 September 2020 now become a constant source of agitation for the government. The new farm laws that were introduced to make the existing conditions of the farmers better, seems to have disappointed the farmers to a great extent. It is in lieu of this, that the annadatas are sitting at border of national capital for the past three months. The government is having constant talks with the farmer leaders to resolve this impasse between the two. The farmers have been protesting against it because they feel that the new bill would destroy the APMC markets and MSP which will doom their income. To show their disagreement with the government, the farmers took out a tractor rally on 26th January, 2021 and this was the rally that turned things around. The violence that took place in name of rally, made the farmers lose all the empathy that they had gained till then. Questions started coming up. Why are there farmers from Punjab and Haryana majorly but only some portion of the population of Rajasthan and UP? Why in the face of kisan, Khalistan is being promoted? Why international celebrity, juvenile “activist against pollution” and porn stars are taking an interest in this? Who is Deep Sidhu and what are his relations with the farmer leaders? Why leftists and so-called liberals act as a parasite during any protest? There are many more questions that may be there but for the time being we will restrict to these only.

Going by the data, Punjab and Haryana are the two states where green revolution had a major impact. The farmers of these two states became quite wealthy as compared to farmers pan India. This was owing to the fact that farmer of the two states had quite a huge number of ancestral land and the irrigation system of these two states was quite good at that time. Hence, the maximum impact of green revolution was seen in these two states. So, farmers from these two areas are quite wealthy and posses power to organize such big tractor rallies. They are not farmers of Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh or Maharashtra, they are the wealthy farmers of Punjab and Haryana who are capable of taking bold steps. If you see such huge amounts of money being spent then it’s not supposedly to be related to foreigners (although that may be a possible case for which NIA must be involved) but it may be these rich farmers standing up for themselves. That’s the reason you see farmers of Punjab and Haryana taking part actively. 

Another prominent question was – what will be the fate of the protest after the 26th January incident. The ravage incident that took place on Republic Day, casted a pall of anger and disgrace over entire nation. The flying of Khalistani flag all around the Red fort campus and the Nishan Sahib flag which was flown on the main flag post of Red fort, distorted the image of India as a secular nation. It was only a matter of fact that this was argued very little over national television. Has that flag been a saffron one with the slogan ‘Om’ or ‘Jai Sri Ram’, then there would have been a huge uproar. The constitution would have been in a state of precariousness, the minorities would have been in danger and there would have been quite a tumult in the international community regarding the secularism depletion in India. Although what happened on Republic Day was condemned all over India including by the farmer leaders but instead of taking blame on themselves, they starting blaming the government, that they created a cobweb to trap the farmers. The farmer protest basically lost its potential after this event. Many farmer leaders left the protest after this event. The credit must go the tears of Rakesh Tikait, which gave a new birth to the protest.

Deep Sidhu, the mastermind behind the incident was recently caught by Delhi police. His links with the Khalistan supporters sitting in Canada has been clearly established. It is only a matter of time that he speaks out the real motive behind this incident and reveals the name of those for whom he was acting as a mouthpiece. The tweets from an international famed celebrity, a porn star and juvenile pollution activist proves the theory of international propaganda against India. The tool kit which was mistakenly shared by Greta on Twitter was the biggest proof of international conspiracy against the nation. The farmer leaders are working today on a large scale to make this a successful movement but the real truth is that the emotional feelings which the people had with this movement is lost now. The only predictable future of that which seems feasible is that the government will not take back the farm laws and the farmers will be somehow contended with it.

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