What are the new tech trends from the previous year – 2020

There is quite a perspective about 2020 being a negative year in a lot of different ways, we were stuck in our houses, couldn’t go out, functions and gatherings were cancelled and a lot more but there are a lot of things we are missing out on like the time we got to spend with our families, how it brought us all closer together, etc. One of the greatest flex is of technology, while everything was going down, technology was keeping it all together. Just imagine what would we have done if we didn’t had all those gadgets with us during the lockdown. Learning new skills, staying in touch with the far ones, news update, nothing would have been possible if it weren’t for the technology we have today.

Tech trends have been evolving from time to time but during the last year they saw a lot of advancements and innovation. The effect of some of these could be felt directly while some had indirectly worked for our betterment. Talking about advancements, artificial intelligence has now become a part of our everyday lives. What came new in 2020 was the attempts towards emotion recognition and computer vision for the purpose of manufacturing. Various U.S. start-ups have successfully implemented A.I. in their businesses, some of which being Vicarious, Kindred, Osaro, etc. Internet of Things (IoT) has also found its way with Amazon introducing Amazon Go, a system that uses IoT and machine vision technologies to enable consumers to shop without manual check out.

In medical history there have been hopeless cases where the diseases have been so rare that people do not intend to care for them, “too rare to care” is what is said. But thanks to the technological advancements, this is about to change. After various research came in the drugs which could be tailored to a persons genes. If a disease is caused by genetic imbalance, now there is an actual chance of revival. Apart from this a lot of advancement has also been made in the healthcare sector owing to the advancement in AI. Since larger AI models have become the host of new applications, it will also demand higher performance from the computers.

Quantum computing has also been in buzz. As the data increases, it will target many problems in the healthcare and energy industry. The advancements are not just limited to land, mankind will begin its return to space, largely driven by the private sector. Agriculture will also receive some showers of blessing as it will become common to monitor crops through computer vision and companies providing such facility shall stand out. Tesla coming to India has been quite a big news. It will bring with it an entire new era of technological development for the automobile sector.

With a lot of advancements already done and some on their way, 2020 has shown a positive graph for the technological sector. It helped us keep ourselves sane during the lockdown and is still helping us to get back to our professional lives.

Written By: -Krati Bhansali

Source: The Hindu

Krati Bhansali is a final year undergraduate student at Mithibai College pursuing bachelor’s of commerce degree alongwith CA. She is interested in theories and practices of accountancy and audit and has been writing for over a year.

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